Photo Credit: Angela dimler

Photo Credit: Angela dimler

What I do:

I’m a naturopathic doctor and I work with people who are curious and hungry for a more holistic approach to their health and who want to learn how to create greater well-being in their lives.

Why naturopathic medicine:

When I was 17 and just off to college to study pre-med, I found myself struggling with a chronic case of mono. It started with a sinus infection and fatigue. The student health clinic, although I’m sure well intentioned, had nothing to offer except anti depressants.

My health deteriorated to the point where I’d fall asleep in my classes, developed horrendous insomnia, constant headaches, gained weight and couldn't eat without feeling sick to my stomach.  

Things were falling apart. I remember the day I finally decided to take time off of school. I was in my dorm, trying to study for an upcoming organic chemistry test. The headaches had gotten so bad that I felt like someone was boring a jackhammer through my right eye. And I hadn’t had a full night’s sleep in months. After two years, it was finally too much to grit and bear. I called my parents and told them I was ready to go home. Something needed to change.

I tried many different treatments and saw all sorts of doctors. It wasn’t until I saw a practitioner who used a holistic approach including nutrition, herbs, homeopathy and flower essences that I slowly got better.

And while I was able to return to school, I had become disillusioned with my pre-med track. I didn’t want to be a doctor with a limited tool box who would prescribe an antidepressant if that wasn’t the root of the issue.

After considering culinary school, I discovered the field of naturopathic medicine. I knew from my own challenge with chronic mono that it had been a whole person approach that put me on the road to healing.

Naturopathic medicine aligned with my fundamental belief that we’re interconnected beings. What we eat, our day to day activities, how we relate with ourselves and our world—our work lives, relationship lives, spiritual lives all play a part in health.

Who it’s for:

I now work with individuals who have reached the tipping point in their own health. You may have seen multiple doctors and know that the root cause isn’t being addressed. You’re ready for your story to be taken seriously and for someone to listen carefully with kindness and compassion. And most importantly, you’d like a roadmap to return to health so that your life can expand again.  

What to do next:

To get details about how to work me and schedule a complimentary kick-off call, head over here.


I completed my Bachelor's degree at Santa Clara University and earned my naturopathic doctorate (ND) from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, OR. I am licensed by the California Naturopathic Medicine Committee and am a member of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association (CNDA).


I’ve also completed additional training in functional and integrative medicine with Dr. Aviva Romm, MD and am a graduate of her New Medicine for Women Institute.

I'm also a iRest® teacher-in-training Level I and my teaching is informed by the teachings of Richard Miller and the Integrative Restoration Institute.