Why I don't treat symptoms

This really is the heart of the matter: I don't treat symptoms and believe that focusing on them can actually do a disservice to your whole health and wellbeing. Let me back up for a second, though. It's not that symptoms aren't important as they are most likely what bring you to seek out care, but treating them without looking at your whole system, is like putting gas in a car that won't run because the motor is broken. It doesn't really address the underlying cause of the imbalance. 

This is why I have really come to appreciate the term system medicine. The conventional approach is to try and find a pill for each symptom. Aspirin for a headache. Statins for high cholesterol. But, we really are much more complex than that! And by focusing on individual issues as opposed to stepping back and looking at the whole person, we miss the things that are causing the headache or high cholesterol. For example, hormonal imbalances, chronic stress, or a taxed digestive system can all cause headaches and high cholesterol and by addressing these deeper aspects, you heal the cause for the symptoms and create a long term solution to the initial problem. 

Now, I know it takes a little more work and curiosity to figure out how all the symptoms you are experiencing are connected. But it is so worth it! Especially because it means you get to take the lead in your own health and live a vibrant life.

I've gathered the key questions I ask myself every time I encounter a whole list of symptoms. They help me see the whole picture and focus on what is happening in the system: 

What is your diet and digestion like?  
How is sleep? exercise? stress management? 
How is your mood? 
What is your energy like throughout the day? 
Hormones: periods, hot flashes, libido? 
Do you have a self-care routine? 

Answering these questions can provide valuable insight into what may be at the root of your symptoms. 

Now, over to you....

Have you experienced the frustration of the parts being addressed without being evaluated as a whole person? 

What do you think would change by asking the above questions? 

What lifestyle changes have you made that help improve your health? Let me know in the comments below. 

All the best,