The 5 things to pack for your summer adventure

Have you ever seen the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding?” One of my favorite parts is the dad who sprays windex on anything and everything. You have a rash: windex. You have a zit: windex. Your elbow hurts: windex.

As travel season gets underway, I’d thought I’d share my own version of windex...

The items I always have on hand to tackle headaches, digestive grumblings and bug bites that most likely will arise at the exact wrong moment, far from Whole Foods or a Co-op. Yes, summer travel is always fun and exciting, but it is not always smooth sailing and it helps to have tried and true standbys to turn to in a pickle:

Eye mask: I can sometimes struggle with sleep in a new place and maintaining the same routine that I have at home makes a big difference. Reading, eye mask, sleep. Plus, hotel rooms are usually never electronic free and totally dark. Also, time changes can be challenging and sleeping in total darkness is uber important in helping balance your circadian rhythm and easing jet lag.

Magnesium: Magnesium is helpful on a few fronts. It can relieve headaches that may come on after a long plane ride, help sore muscles relax at night and also aid in maintaining normal digestion. Yes, traveler’s constipation is a thing and it is no fun to get to a new place and feel bloated and off. My favorite is CALM by Natural Vitality. It is sold in little packets that are easy to pack and dissolve readily in water.  

Chlorofresh: Is my mom’s windex. It is essentially concentrated chlorophyll that helps clean the blood and detox. It is wonderful for headaches, nausea, after a heavy meal or too many drinks. At the health food store, it is sold in capsules and usually 2-3 do the trick.

Golden seal salve: This little salve is amazing. It is inexpensive and works on in-grown toenails, scratches, cuts, sunburns, or bug bites. Imagine a natural version of Neosporin.

Practice presence: Travel for all its adventure can also have its challenges. Uncomfortable beds, lost train tickets, less than ideal food choices. I try to remember that this is part of the experience. Seeing my own edge is a good practice and it isn’t about a “perfect” vacation, but taking in the new experiences moment by moment.

What places are you planning to visit? Any windex of your own you’ll be taking?

To a summer of safe and joyful travel!