VIDEO: What to pack for your summer trip


The time of summer vacations and adventures is upon us! Amongst the fun, travel can have some costs. Airport food never really made anyone feel phenomenal, did it?

On my last trip, while my tried and true were fresh in my mind, I made a little video to walk you through my own travel pack. I find this core set of remedies helps ease any digestive discomforts, soothes headaches of stale airplane air and helps relieve jet lag if you’re switching time zones.

Of course, always check with your doctor first about starting any new remedy. Also worth noting, melatonin appears to be most helpful when traveling eastward (San Francisco-NYC, for example).

This is a summary of the remedies I discuss:

  • Activated charcoal

  • HMF travel (any S.boulardii strain product will be comparable)

  • Gluten/dairy digest from Pure Encapsulations

  • Natural CALM packets

  • Melatonin

And in case you’re on the fence about taking some time off or feel guilty about stepping away, pair today’s video with this article to find out why vacations are good for your health.


Melatonin and jet-lag