VIDEO: Terra Madre 2018

I had the incredible fortune of returning to Northern Italy in September to attend Terra Madre. Food people gather from all over the world to learn, be inspired and eat. There was a crazy amount of delicious food!

There have been moments this year that doubt has crept into my heart. I’ve been frustrated by what to eat or not eat. How to even begin to talk about food in a way that retains pleasure, joy and most importantly hope.

However, coming back from Terra Madre I’m reminded, more than ever, that food can create change. It’s at the unique intersection of some of our biggest challenges: access, climate change, economics, democracy and health (both of communities as well as individuals).

I made a little video in Italy to share my thoughts on what you can do to move that change forward. Plus, you’ll get a little peek at the event itself and the city that has a piece of my heart: Torino.

May delicious meals be at your table!