Wild Lemon Health uses personalized natural medicine to empower you to create a healthier and more vital life. 

A different approach to healthcare. Based on three core values: 


  • Good health starts with good food 
  • Make simple lifestyle changes to restore balance and function
  • Natural remedies are used to support the body's innate healing capacity


  • It takes time to get to know you and uncover the root cause of your problem
  • Initial consults are 75 minutes and follow-ups are 30-50 minutes


  • Change happens with support and guidance. 
  • Keep in touch like you do with your friends and family; via unlimited online messaging and email. 


Wild Lemon Health Membership

You know you don't get fit going to the gym just once.  

Or you don't feel saner with one visit to your therapist.

Health is the same. It's built, overtime, with consistent support and action. 

An annual membership gives you the time, tools and empowerment to turn the tide on your symptoms and create long-lasting, sustainable wellness. 


Dr. Antonella Aguilera-Ruiz, ND is: 

  • A licensed naturopathic doctor 
  • Dedicated to teaching you how to eat, move and live for better wellness
  • Passionate about the transformative power of natural medicine to provide effective solutions for chronic disease
  •